Tonight, Ke$ha stumbled out and performed some weird a capella version of "Tik Tok" on SNL and played with lasers and wore a hideous metallic American flag outfit and... *sigh*. Then, she "sang" another song (and worse). Videos inside.

I know, right? What the hell...

Is it time for Ke$ha (I seriously hate having to hit the shift key and find the dollar sign on my number pad every time I need to type her stupid "name") to just go away yet? Because that would be nice. Or, at least, stop performing "Tik Tok." She's on SNL, she knows people are paying attention, so why not introduce them to something new? Does she even have another song?

(Ed. note: I wrote the above before Ke$ha's second performance—video of which is below—and now I'm wishing that "Tik Tok" was her only song.)

Later on in the show, Ke$ha performed "Your Love Is My Drug" while covered head to toe in some sort of glow in the dark body paint that made her look like Rafiki from The Lion King. Oh, and she finished her performance by asking, "It's Saturday night, do you wanna make out?"


Update: It appears that Ke$ha's second performance was ripped off from Australian artist Sia. Click here to watch the video in question.

[Saturday Night Live]