Bronx Senator Pedro Espada Jr.'s incompetence continues to balloon to cartoonish proportions. This weekend he ran away from a television interview after a journalist asked him a question about the time he tried to hide from her behind a baby.

Yeah, That's staggeringly corrupt New York State Senator Pedro Espada running away after CBS2 reporter Marcia Kramer asked him about the time she visited his home in Westchester County last year to figure out why he lived there and not in the place he represents. When she did this, Espada did what any reasonable man would do: He put on an orange ski cap, shielded his face from the camera with a baby and drove away. (He then laid the baby to rest on a bed made entirelyout of sushi.)

If this guy was any more a caricature of the corrupt politician he'd walk around smoking a huge cigar and carrying a bag with a money sign on it while molesting a woman dressed like the Statue of Liberty.