Joseph McVey was arrested on Sunday after cops discovered him with a gun and a police scanner at the airport where President Obama was taking off. He said he "wanted to see the president." Oh, well, that's OK, then!

Details are still sketchy on exactly what 23-year-old McVey was up to, but so far it doesn't really sound like he was just maxing out by the airport with his handgun and walkie-talkie:

McVey got out of the car and started talking on a handheld radio attached to a remote earpiece, and the officer noticed he was wearing a sidearm. The officer and Secret Service agents asked for McVey's identification, and when they ran his driver's license number through a computer, it did not come back as valid, according to the summary.

When the officer asked what he was doing, McVey stated "he heard the president was in town. He stated he wanted to see the president," according to the summary.

That's fine, right? We would all like to see the president. But most of us don't have sticky notes with rifle scope formulas just lying around in our cars.

While searching his Pontiac Grand Prix, investigators heard police department radio traffic, "indicating he was monitoring our frequency when he arrived." Officers also found a siren box under his steering wheel, several pieces of paper with agency radio frequencies written on them and a sticky note in the cup holder with rifle scope formulas on them, according to the case summary.

So far, McVey has only been charged with "going armed to the terror of the public," which is an awesome-sounding crime. The case remains under investigation.

Joseph McVey, by the way, is the real name of legendary Houston rapper Z-Ro. We're reasonably sure he's not involved. But in case he is, here's his track "I Hate You":

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