A New York Times writer heard Facebook's CEO doesn't believe in secrets; a Facebook flack disapproved of the writer's secrets; and Barry Diller's wife refused to give up her fur secrets. The Twitterati sought loose lips.

The New York Times' Nick Bilton helped Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bring his policy on corporate disclosure in line with his view of privacy.

Facebook flack Brandee Barker wasn't happy with Bilton's privacy policy for sources, but did invite the reporter onto her social network, where she and her fellow executives will be sure to treat his secrets very carefully, scout's honor.

Bilton then clarified that he's not the sort to unilaterally revise his privacy policy. Unlike certain people.

Longtime professional gossip Ben Widdicombe, recently of TMZ, still feels uneasy in polite company.

We knew the American financial system was all smoke and mirrors; it took comedian Sara Benincasa to tell us exactly what type of smoke was involved.