A new documentary about Bali's legendary beach gigolos, Cowboys in Paradise, led to a crackdown on the sex trade and the arrests of 28 "tanned and muscular men" this week. Lonely, sunburned European women with vacation braids are totally devastated.

Bali's "Kuta Cowboys" are widely known among the Lonely Planet-toting backpacker set for being incredibly sexy and way more attentive than boring, pasty chumps back in Birmingham or Dusseldorf. They might strum a romantic tune on their guitar at sunset, or give you a ride across the island on the back of their scooter, or maybe even introduce you to their wife and kids before heading into their sexy room for some sexy time. But after a trailer for a documentary on the Kuta Cowboys hit YouTube earlier this week, police decided enough was enough and started arresting the smooth talking loverboys.

The director of Cowboys in Paradise, Amit Virmani, told the AP: "A witch hunt for men with tanned and muscular bodies on the beach is the last thing anybody wants." Just ask the suddenly single, bored youth hostel guests across the island.

Trailer for Cowboys in Paradise: