The master of secrets behind Lost (well, sort of behind it) has a new movie coming out that no one's ever heard of! A teaser will play before Iron Man 2, giving a first-ever glimpse. So what's it about?

Well, HitFlix is suggesting that the film, called Super 8, is a Cloverfield sequel. Which would be... epically disappointing. That movie didn't suck exactly, but it didn't come close to living up to the hype that its secretive trailer (hey, parallels!) built for it. There's an "Untitled Cloverfield Sequel" listed on IMDB for 2011, but that doesn't really mean anything. And we do know that Abrams is only producing this mystery movie, as he did for Cloverfield, so it very likely could be that movie's sequel. Plus, maybe the title means someone has stopped filming a monster movie with digital video and moved to, you know, film?

Abrams directed the trailer himself, so hopefully at least that part will be good. It'll probably be better than the movie itself, just like Cloverfield!

Do youuuu have any theories? Or will you just wait to be surprised and buy your ticket for Iron Man 2 to see the trailer for the other movie that you'll also buy a ticket to, like the good little corporate lockstep movie monkey that you are?

My theory is that the answer to the mystery is Secret Dwarf. When in doubt, it's generally Secret Dwarf.