Procter & Gamble is absolutely thrilled about this massive oil spill, because the free PR they get for cleaning off oily animals with Dawn™ brand soap is priceless. For the rest of us, bad news: it's worse than you thought.

The good news this morning: BP has capped one of the three underwater oil leaks. The bad news: "the work is not expected to reduce the overall flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico." Well, fuck!

And while we're at it, would you like to hear the "worst case" scenario, according to BP officials? Well, you will hear it anyhow. The LAT reports that BP officials told Congress yesterday that "the Gulf of Mexico oil spill could grow at a rate more than 10 times current estimates in a worst-case scenario - greatly enlarging the potential scope of the disaster." That would be 60,000 barrels a day. And fickle currents are the only thing holding the oil mostly off the coast of Florida for now—and preventing it from potentially washing down and around the southern tip of the state, and up the Eastern seaboard.

So, everything is terrible. But BP bravely tells the NYT that it rejected the idea of running a huge ad campaign to clear its name, because "In our view, the big glossy expressions of regret don't have a lot of credibility." Then again, this is the company's message:

"It wasn't our accident, but we are absolutely responsible for the oil, for cleaning it up."