Erik Prince, the former head of mercenary outfit Blackwater USA, stopped by his hometown in Michigan to give a speech yesterday. He said the real threat to American values is not Al Qaeda or the Taliban, it's the US government!

The clean-cut Prince, whose company is responsible for countless civilian deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, spoke in his hometown of Holland, Michigan as part of the town's Tulip Time Festival. He railed against his critics — "tapeworms" — who never give Blackwater (sorry, Xe!) credit for all of the humanitarian missions they have completed, choosing instead to focus on the killing of innocent foreigners by his totally ripped army of Patriotic stormtroopers. But liberal pussies aside, who is to blame for the sad state of our nation? Liberal politicians! And presumably the spendaholic illegal alien sitting in the Oval Office:

The greatest threat to our freedom and prosperity is not al-Qaida, the Taliban, Iran or even China," he said. "It's an idea, the idea that we can spend our way out of our problems without tightening our belt and paring down the very bloated government."

We are a nation being bled dry by debt, litigation and regulation."

That sounds familiar! It totally sucks when your own ungrateful country — who paid you hundreds of millions of dollars to kill people — now keeps indicting and defaming your underlings and pissing all over years of hard work and Patriotic duty. The liberal assholes running this place just don't get it, do they?

Erik Prince: Big time thinker.

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