I heard a Russian Master Shake, Meatwad referencing Justin Bieber, and Carl declaring his love for Deadspin and Fleshbot. It was a great conversation with Dana Snyder and Dave Willis of ATHF fame before their live show on Tuesday.

Just before playing to a packed Nokia Theater in Times Square, Dana Snyder and Dave Willis took a few minutes to talk with me about their Adult Swim staple that features three fast-food detectives that, to say it simply, have been "Waiting for Godot," in fifteen minute segments on late night Cartoon Network for almost 10 years. The abstract absurdest humor of the inexplicable Aqua Teen Hunger Force has led to a film, a Boston bomb scare, a live show that is currently finishing it's nationwide road-trip, and the latest milestone of 100 episodes now watched and accounted for.

It was a fun interview, the live show was a lot of laughs (There is still time to catch it!), and Gawker.TV thanks Dana and Dave for taking the time to talk with us.