The media isn't just in bed with Barack Obama. They're also in a tiny, vacuum-powered hovercraft with him. Watch, as Obama makes Times political reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg ride a funny little hovercraft in Buffalo, NY.

Now we know the hidden price behind the Times' unparalleled access to the White House. Unsurprisingly, Stolberg made no disclosure of her illicit hovercraft ride in the article she wrote about Obama's trip to New York. But she did in her diary:

Dear Diary,

Today I went with Barry and the other reporters to Industrial Support Inc. in Buffalo New York. Out of all the journalists there, he picked me to ride the little hovercraft!. [Politico blogger] Josh Gernstein was sooooo jealous. I love my job and I love Barack Obama.


Sheryl Stolberg

(via PoorMojo)