An employee at Marc Jacobs' SoHo store intercepted a delivery of cocaine; she called the cops because she thought it was anthrax. It can be hard to tell the difference between drug dealers and terrorists.

The NYPD took Marc Jacobs' poor, naive shopgirl in for questioning, but did not charge her, probably because anyone who works in the fashion industry and hasn't yet learned to recognize an eight-ball of yayo is too dumb to play any role in a drug buy. That said, drug dealers and terrorists have a lot in common. When Midwestern mommies try to convince their daughters not to go to NYU, drugs and terrorism are the two most oft-cited concerns. And on Law & Order, drug dealers and terrorists are played by the same people: Big, brawny non-white men who spend a surprising amount of time underneath bridges and in the lobbies of fancy buildings they have no business being in. (Except the literal business of selling drugs and the metaphorical business of blowing up said buildings, of course.) [P6, pic via Getty]