Summer monster season has begun! This foot-long creature with a rats tail was found in a creek in Northern Ontario. Elders used to find them all the time, but this is the first Oomajinakoos to be found in forty years.

Two members of the Kitchenuhmaykoosib Indian tribe found the monster when their dog dragged it to shore while they were hiking along the creek in early May. A tribe member told the Toronto Star:

The elders used to see it a long time ago... No one has seen one for 40 years or so. The elders have a word for it: oomajinakoos. In English, it means ‘the ugly one.'

But then he also told the Star "It looks like an otter or a beaver." But it's really probably a monster. Whatever it is, let's keep it the hell away from America. We've already got enough monsters, thank you very much!

(pics via the Kitchenumaykoosib tribe website—which has a whole page for the monster!)