How does one put a price on human suffering? One should probably ask Elin Nordegren for advice: She's demanding $750 million from Tiger Woods in divorce negotiations. That is some pricey misery.

Plus, Elin isn't agreeing to Tiger's demands for a confidentiality clause that would prevent her from writing a book or devloping a mini-series or line of collectible plates based on the scandal. Unsuprisingly, the Daily News reports that negotiations "have turned extremely testy."

Both parties need to just step back and put this sum into perspective. Here are some calculations to help them do this:

  • $750 million ÷ 121 alleged mistresses = $6.19 million/mistress
  • $750 million ÷ 3,921 tears Elin cried in the course of the scandal (estimated) = $191,277/tear
  • $750 million ÷ 2 Woods children whose lives have been ruined = $375 million/tiny ruined life
  • $750 million ÷ 5 billion words written about the scandal = $0.15/word
  • Ratio of Elin's payout to the amount of currency printed in the U.S. in one day: 1:1
  • Amount Elin would have left over after paying for the construction of Hoover Dam: $14 million