An Indonesian biopic called Little Obama depicts Barack Obama's youth in Jakarta, when he was a ping-pong wizard and rode motorcycles around town with flamboyant Asian men. Here's an adorable (and only slightly weird) preview from Little Obama's set.

Based on a fictionalized Indonesian book about Obama's boyhood, Little Obama "is not a film about Obama the world leader-to-be. It's about Obama the kid." Here's a video of the crew filming a scene where little Obama rides a motorcycle with a sing-song Indonesian guy, clipped from a much longer (and peculiarly soundtracked) "making of" video:

Just like real Obama, Little Obama's lead actor was born in America. The New York Daily News reports:

The young Obama is played by 12-year-old actor Hasan Faruq Ali, a New Mexico native who, like his inspiration, moved to Indonesia as a toddler.

Hasan was a natural fit to play Obama. The young actor is fluent in both English and the Indonesian language and is the son of a white mother and African American father.

"It feels great to play Obama," Hasan said. "I was shy about it at first ... But then it became easy and fun, especially acting as a very important character who left here to become president."

The filmmakers interviewed various boyhood acquaintances of Obama's to capture his "youthful spirit." At the end of director Damien Dematra's "making of" montage, they convene with a banner and chant, "Barry, We Miss U!"

Dear Damien Dematra, Please make your movie available on the internet, with English subtitles. Love, Gawker. [Damien Dematra's YouTube, NYDN]