Fox News Anchor Greta Van Susteren started a poll on her blog asking if she was dumber than a guy who sent her hate mail. She "won." "havw [sic] some fun!" she wrote today, "the poll was a joke!"

Our long national nightmare is finally over: Greta Van Susteren is officially dumber than "Brian," a guy who sent her an email and misspelled the word "sieve." Greta received 77.9 per cent of the votes of the 55,575 votes cast. Voting is now closed.

The intrepid Scientologist remains unbowed, however. "Someone has gotten cyberspace all rev'd up about me in the last 18 hours!" she wrote on Friday. "Of course this is now a cyberspace game and I think it funny. I lost." She also plugged her show, twice.

Unfortunately, some people seem to have missed the hilarious conceptual cyberspace joke Greta was playing on her blog, "GretaWire." So she posted this today:

Do you hear that, cyberspace? Greta is pleased that the poll "went viral," due to how it brought in "tons of new bloggers." So what if Greta is maybe not 100 per cent clear on what a "blog" or a "blogger" is? It's not like she's the only one. "Bottom line - we all need a sense of humor," she writes. That is certainly one bottom line! The other bottom line, obviously, is that Greta Van Susteren is dumber than Brian, according to cyberspace.

[GretaWire; pic via Getty]