Israel has released a video of the early-morning raid on a blockade-violating aid ship headed for Gaza that resulted in the shooting deaths of nine activists. It appears to show soldiers being beaten with metal pipes and thrown overboard.

On Monday morning, the Israeli Defense Force conducted a raid on a flotilla of ships violating an Israeli blockade by bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza. During operations on one ship, the Mavi Marmara, at least nine of the activists were killed, and several more injured. Many of the injured, members of a group called the Free Gaza Movement, were Turkish citizens, and in response, Turkey has recalled its ambassador and cancelled planned joint military exercises. Several countries have condemned Israel for the attacks, and an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council has been called.

In an attempt to make the case that their soldiers' actions were justified, Israel has distributed a video of the opening moments of the raid, taken from an Israeli ship. The video seems to show some activists hitting the commandos with metal pipes, and, at one point, throwing one soldier overboard. Does it vindicate Israel? Well, you know, it depends on where you stand on the question of "necessary force" and what you think of the idea of "proportional response."

But don't worry! I'm sure someone on the internet, or maybe in your office, has an opinion about exactly who was at fault. Meanwhile, 28 people in Gaza have died over the last year waiting for approval to seek medical treatment in Israel, directly thanks to Israel's blockade.