POP 2010 The Dream—featuring LiLo pal Steve Aoki and an Israeli trance band with the unfortunate name Infected Mushroom—drew 16,500 people last weekend. One man died and 70 were arrested for selling drugs. Wait… raves still exist?

A 23-year-old California man, Anthony Mata, is believed to have died on Sunday from tainted ecstasy at "POP 2010" at Daly City's Cow Palace. Five others were hospitalized with kidney failure and remain in critical condition, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Police also confiscated over 800 ecstasy pills, plus unkown quantities of acid, cocaine and meth. Two people died of drug overdoses in 2002 at a rave at the same venue, even after the city asked the Cow Palace to stop holding them.

Tragedy aside, why the hell do raves still happen? 15 years ago they were good for a handful of things: terrible music, bad drugs, contracting STDs, regrettable conversations, and awful style. Who goes to these things in 2010? 16,500 people from the Bay Area, apparently. Please stop.

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