At a press conference for her new show Bethenny Getting Married, the never-actually-a-housewife Housewife confirmed rumors that she probably won't be returning for a fourth season of the show what made her. "What else is there to do?" she said.

It makes sense. Frankel has been the most enduringly sane Housewife on any of the franchises, a quick wit who signed onto the show simply to promote her business, and who never seemed terribly comfortable with all the staged emotional hurricanes. This will probably infuriate the other New York ladies, as it's something of a mark of classy distinction to be the first one to say "Yeah, no, I can't do this anymore" on one of these monster shows. Now we just need Alex McCord to leave and the crazies will have full reign and we can watch with disappointment and pity as the remaining beasts devour each other alive.