Lindsay Lohan tweeted that reports of her alcohol-monitoring bracelet going off were "fucking disgusting." But they are "fucking true." A new bench warrant has been issued for Lilo's arrest, and her infraction cost her a cool $100,000 in bail.

LiLo was out on $100,000 bail, provided she did not drink anything. But her SCRAM bracelet went off at the MTV movie awards, according to the DA and other sources reached by TMZ! Now a new warrant has been issued for violating the conditions of her parole. TMZ writes:

Because of the SCRAM incident, the $100,000 bail has now been forfeited. Instead of throwing Lindsay in jail pending the July hearing, the judge is allowing her to post new bail — set at $200,000, so she can remain free.

This does not bode well for Lilo's rumored potential appearance on "Celebrity Apprentice." But the bigger issue: A world where you cannot believe Lindsay Lohan's tweets is not a world I want to live in.