There was a time when running a sex club out of your apartment where guests played with fire and dressed in rubber suits was cool. Not anymore. At least not to one man, who viciously attacked Dmitri's Apartment with feces.

Back in the heady days of March, 32-year-old Dmitri Dimoulakis was running a successful fiery sex den out of his rented Tribeca apartment, where guests were treated to "aerial performances from this rigging up here on the ceiling," and could be healed by Madame Burnz's flaming Kevlar wand. Then the neighbors got pissed, called the cops, Dmitri was out and the fun was over. Now the owner of the apartment, James McGown has filed a lawsuit against a neighbor, Arthur Steuer, for allowing the apartment to be flooded with sewage and for smearing dog shit on the front door. According to the Daily News:

[Steuer] threw trash in [McGown's] baby stroller on at least three occasions," the suit says. "He threw the stroller down the stairs more than a dozen times.

"He wiped dog feces on the door of [McGown's] apartment twice."

McGown is trying to sell the apartment, but is finding it hard now that the place has been flooded with "between 4 and 8 feet of water, sewage and other debris from the common area," and the neighbor has some sort of angry shit fetish (and a thing against baby strollers, obviously). McGown alleges this is a continuation of a long running feud with Steuer, who sold him the apartment in the first place.

[Madame Burnz healing at Burning Man, via Facebook]