Diddy stopped by Nightline recently to interview with the comically earnest Martin Bashir. Together, they dig into the hard hitting issues, including Diddy dog food, the definition of mind-f*cking, and the appropriateness of Diddy buying his son a Maybach.

Bashir treats every interview subject - whether it's Diddy or the Insane Clown Posse - as if they are J. Robert Oppenheimer. Bashir sees Diddy as a man of contradictions: he wonders how Diddy can reconcile his image of himself as the "black James Bond" with the fact that he has fathered multiple children with different women. They ponder how a "hard core gangster rapper" should approach middle age. And the tension gets thick when Bashir wonders what sort of lessons about money Diddy is teaching his son by buying him a Maybach for his 16th birthday.

Two mysteries remain: (1) why the hell they are interviewing Diddy in the first place (2) why ABC insists on awkwardly pairing Bashir with rappers as interview subjects.