If you haven't yet seen the wildly suspenseful conclusion to the AMC series's brilliant third season, read no further. If you have... Remember the part at the very end where a gun was fired, but maybe not at a person?

Well, show creator Vince Gilligan tells the AV Club that the ambiguity wasn't intentional:

To me, for what it's worth, it's not actually meant to be ambiguous. It's meant to be, "Oh my god, Jesse shot poor Gale." But I'm realizing now that when people see the camera come dollying around so it's looking down the barrel of the gun, some are reading that as maybe he's changing his point of aim. But that's not what we intended. Apparently it's not as clear as I thought it would be. [Laughs.]

So, sigh, there you have it. Poor Gale really did get it, and miserable Jesse really did turn into a killer. Breaking Bad: It goes there. And then it goes past there, too.