An AP reporter got an interesting notification after signing up for psychotic Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann's email list this weekend: an entity called "Bachmann for Senate" wanted to thank her for subscribing! Can anything ever be just a typo?

Michele Bachmann, whose long list of insane conserva-baiting stunts cannot really be summed up in one post or tome — her most recent one, however, was declaring Barack Obama the Worst President In United States History just a few days ago — has long been considered an ambitious politician. Hence all of the stunts! She wants to create a famous "brand," of insanity, and she's doing well.

So was this an early indication that Bachmann, who's running for plain old House reelection this year, plans on challenging Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar in 2012? She probably does, assuming Tea Party rage is still capable of sending obnoxious idiots further up the ranks of actual American power in 2012.

But her House reelection campaign manager said that this "Senate" business was a "typo." This, too, presents its ambiguities: perhaps it was supposed to say "Bachmann for President"?

[via MNpublius]