My Life on the D List returned last night and the show dived right into Kathy's foray into "serious acting." The cameras shed insight to her girl-on-girl kiss with Mariska Hargitay and highlights Kathy hanging out on the SVU set.

Kathy had been worried about running into Mariska Hargitay because of an accident that happened long ago. When Kathy was Mariska's teacher at Groundlings in LA, Mariska fell to the ground during a trust-fall exersize. Here, Kathy reads a selection from her book that recalls the incident.

Kathy decides it would be very "A List" to invite her costar, Christopher Meloni, into her dressing room to rehearse a scene. Unfortunately for Detective Stabler, Kathy has chosen a kissing scene.

After her Law and Order: SVU taping came to a close, Kathy visits Liza Minelli to thank her for the acting advice she'd given prior to the gig. During this meeting, Kathy notices that Liza's laugh is unique and very contagious.

After everything was shot, Kathy hijacked Ice T and a camera crew to make a funny SVU parody.

The final "D List" moment of the episode came when Kathy's big lesbian kiss with Mariska was cut from the show. Pouring salt on the wound was Maggie, who believed it to be Kathy's fault for being a bad kisser.

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