Apparently there's some rustling on the internet about whether the final (two) Twilight film(s), based on the novel Breaking Dawn (by Sapphire), should show the climatic-for-the-whole-series scene where the protagonist, Bella, almost dies during a half-vampire baby birth. Sure!

The film's screenwriter is apparently hoping to only have the implication of the bloody bits, which is sort of silly, considering the whole book series inexorably leads to this moment. Well, OK, sure, maybe the whole series is really building toward boring Bella and Sweet Eddie Vampire's bed-breaking honeymoon coitus explosion, but after that, the baby's really the thing. Because it might kill her, you see! Yeah it breaks her ribs when it kicks its little half-vampire legs and it will basically tear her sanctified lady-canyon in half when it comes time to unleash the blessed demon unto the Earth. So there's this exciting tension about should she have the baby, but as the whole book series is a dumbly coded lesson about how women should tamp down their sexuality lest their men not be able to help themselves, how they should remain chaste until holy marriage, and, ultimately, how they should never terminate a pregnancy, even if the birthing process could very likely kill them, of course she does keep the pregnancy. It's a big tenet of the book's barely secret proselytizing.

Now, the films have strayed admirably far from author Stephenie Meyer's thinly veiled Mormon intentions, mostly because subtext can be hard to translate to film, even when it's so poorly written. So it would, in that regard, I suppose, be OK not to show the terrible birth as it's written. But at the same time it would kind of invalidate the whole series' intent — choosing to demure about the hard, bloody climax doesn't pay proper respect to the costly sacrifices of sexual responsibilism that the books so ennoble. But wait. That would kind of be a good thing, right? To invalidate Meyers' pseudo-goth moralizing? So maybe they SHOULDN'T show the nasty scene, thus tempering the films even further and whitewashing her preachy sex-panic.

Not that any of us are going to see this thing, right? I mean, come on, who gives a fuck about Twilight, ever?