Lisette Lee arrived in Ohio from Beverly Hills on a chartered jet carrying $500,000 worth of marijuana. False eyelashes fluttering, she claimed to be an electronics heiress. But she used to use a different name and be an actress.

Officials are "trying to confirm" Lisette's relationship with the Samsung family, who share the last name Lee, but live in Korea. (Update: Samsung denies the relationship.) Authorities raided her chartered Gulfstream jet in Columbus, Ohio and found 500 lbs. of marijuana, three cellphones, cocaine, and a ledger recording profits exceeding $300,000. All of it, Lisette said, belonged to someone else. The Columbus Dispatch describes the beautiful trainwreck at the courthouse for Lisette's "not guilty" plea:

Still wearing dark false eyelashes after a night in the Franklin County jail, a Beverly Hills, Calif., woman accused of bringing 23 bales of marijuana to Columbus faced charges in U.S. District Court yesterday.

…and the beginning of what may become a juicy tale of compulsive lying and fameseeking:

Lee told the agents that she is a model and a recording artist and was bringing equipment and belongings to a boyfriend who had bought a horse farm in Ohio, the complaint says. She, however, couldn't provide the boyfriend's last name.

Before she was a jetsetting model/musician/horse farmer/drug mule, Lisette was just another young pretty thing flitting around Hollywood's almost-famous periphery. She landed a bit role in 2008 indie flick The Doorman. (Her character: "Baby Sugar Mama.") Her heavily made-up face appeared among the moneyed elite at this charity wine event, where her date appears to be wine dealer Christian Navarro and her name is listed as "Lisette Lee Morita."

Morita is a Japanese surname. She shares it with the guy who played Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid. Maybe she's a ninja heiress, too?

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UPDATE: Samsung's denial and conflicting stories from Lisette's acquaintances.