Over the weekend some kids in Washington Heights left seven Drano bombs outside a school, but none of them exploded. No self respecting kid in the suburbs would ever build a dud Drano bomb.

Kids who grow up in the city are far cooler than kids in the suburbs. But when it comes to blowing shit up, city dwellers could learn a thing or two from their bored suburban counterparts, as was made clear this weekend in New York. According to the Post, "a group of young hoodlums" left the bombs around PS 178 in Washington Heights over the weekend, which were found unexploded the next day by a janitor and the FDNY scattered underneath cars and along Ellwood Street. What a bunch of assholes.

Basically you get a two liter bottle, some tin foil and some Drano. Now think very hard, and combine them. Wait. Boom. It's not rocket science. And placing them near a school? Bad idea. Here is an example of a well constructed, if maybe a little weak, Drano bomb: