Lindsay Lohan really likes Twitter. And people seem to like her Tweets! So she has capitalized on her talents and, for a change, hasn't screwed it up. It appears that she's running ads on her Twitter account. For $10,000?

That's the figure a reader told us their company, Beyond the Rack, paid to have Lindsay send out a sponsored Tweet:

I was reading your recent post on Lindsay Lohan's moneymaking techniques and it struck me as funny as just last week there was some talk at the company I work for (Beyond the Rack) about paying Lindsay 10k to tweet and lo and behold, today I checked her Twitter and there was a link to our recent Ray Ban's sale.

We inquired about that $10k figure — seems like a lot — but haven't heard back.

Ah well. At least she's clearly marking what are ads and what aren't! And she appears to be working for a couple different companies, if today's Tweet about a travel company is any indication.

So good for her. Though it's a little sad and telling that she's advertising for discount designer clothes and discount fancy vacations. How to live like a movie star when you don't have a movie star's money. Sounds familiar.

Thanks to commenter katklaw for the tip off about today's Tweet.