Brent Furer, an aide to Sen. David Vitter, resigned today over reports that, among other things, he'd knifed up his girlfriend good in 2008, sending her to the hospital. And he was the aide in charge of "women's issues." Ugh.

ABC News broke the story last night of the girlfriend attack, which Vitter's office has known about since forever. But they still did not get him to resign until this morning, citing other drunk driving charges also revealed in the ABC News report as the impetus. So that makes it okay; he was a good worker when he was just cuttin' up that one gal.

This is the behavior of a person that Vitter's office kept on staff, knowingly, to write nice words about "women's issues" — perhaps this thing, for example, about Protecting Mammograms — for some points with the ladies back home:

After drinking at a restaurant, the two returned to Furer's Capitol Hill apartment, the report says. Furer "would not let her leave." He "pulled on her coat, which caused it to rip," then "pulled out a knife and stabbed [her] in the hand," the police report says.

Charging documents allege that Furer became angry when he found phone numbers for other men in her blackberry. He smashed her phone when she tried to call 911, the records say, and he shoved her to the floor when she tried to leave, then held his hand over her mouth and threw her on a bed.

Demopoulos told police Furer "uttered the words to her, 'Do you want to get serious.'" Then, the arrest warrant states, Furer "grabbed an unknown object and held it under her neck. The suspect asked the complainant, 'Do you want to die?' The complainant replies and she stated, 'No, I don't want to die.'"

After a 90 minute standoff, Furer made her promise not to call police, and then allowed her to leave.

You know what she did though? Called the police, duh.

Hmm... is there anything else to tie in here, in this post vaguely related to the Vitter office's history with "women's issues"? Maybe that David Vitter was caught in 2007 having sex with prostitutes everywhere and faced no charges for having sex with prostitutes everywhere, but otherwise, not really.