McDonald's saw you, the consumer, purchasing coffee at Starbucks. Therefore , McDonald's introduced its own coffee-like beverages to lure you, the consumer, back into McDonalds. It's all part of a grand plan: McDonald's will soon be the only beverage purveyor left.

McCafé was merely the beginning of the McDonald's World Beverage Takeover. Fear this:

Next month, McDonald's will roll out smoothies, which it has been testing for more than a year, with national advertising. The products follow lattes, cappuccinos, hot cocoa and frappes...Now McDonald's is eyeing additional growth areas like frozen juice blends, with a test of frozen strawberry lemonade in a handful of markets

Once Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Sonic are dispatched, the rest of the world shall fall in short order.

[Ad Age. Pic: Flickr]