Crystal Gail Magnum, the woman who falsely accused members of the Duke lacrosse team of raping her, held a crazy press conference in her yard today to announce that new charges against her—of arson and attempted murder—are false.

The great thing about this press conference is that Magnum couldn't even do it in the driveway of her Durham, North Carolina, home because she can't stray that far from the building since she's under house arrest. Why? Allegedly she tried to kill her ex-boyfriend by setting fire to the house while he, her three young children, two police officers, and herself were all inside. Do you think it's a wise idea to keep a woman locked in her house for attempting to burn the house down? Is that safe for anyone?

She held the press conference to say that she didn't think she'd get a fair trial because of what happened in "the other case" from 2006. Also, she said her ex-boyfriend abused her and that someone else must have set fire to the house, because it wasn't her. Her next court date is on Friday, and we really wish we could be there.

[Image via AP]