The town of Nottingham, New Hampshire decided this week that it was time to overturn a 10-year ban on allowing town employees to carry firearms to work. What a brilliant idea! A former town police officer said "this concerns me."

The Nottingham Board of Selectmen recently changed the rules in the town's employee handbook allowing everyone to carry a firearm to work with them, which should really work out well in town offices where people sometimes air grievances. Speaking to New England Cable News, former police officer and gun owner Judy Doughty said, "I'm not against the second amendment, and I'm not against anyone owning their own gun, but I think that can be a place like a public building where it effects a lot of people where they just don't have to bring it into those public buildings." The town administrator who changed the law said the locals' negative reaction surprised him.

[Video via NECN; Image via Getty]