Today Jersey Shore pugilist JWOWW debuted her predictably skanky Filthy Couture clothing line at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. Every word of that sentence gave you a disease. Help us decide which of the outfits is the absolute worst.

Of course it's going to be a hard designation when the whole thing was high on lace, cleavage, cutouts, short skirts, and makeup that even a blow-up doll would find garish. But do we expect anything less from a woman who once took a thin band of gold fabric, strapped it across her enormous implants, then tucked it into her pants and actually went out into public like that? Still the title must be given to one of these contenders. Make your selections in the comments. The person who makes the best argument for the sluttiest outfit of all will win the honor of not ever having to wear it in public. Considering that loads of tween girls probably think these items are hot (we're sure Miley Cyrus' little sister Noah does) that is quite an honor indeed.

[Images via Getty]

This lingerie (swimsuit?) just gave me a rash.

Even Daisy Duke thinks these shorts are inappropriate.

This mini dress comes accessorized with the stupid look on your face.

This is what strippers wear when they have to eat in a nice restaurant.

Oooh! Separates!

We're disappointed, we thought this would have more cut outs.

Isn't this dress from Samantha Fox's video for "Naughty Girls Needs Love Too?"

Come on, can anyone top the master herself?