Lest there be any doubt that Taiwanese animators are baiting us with their quaintly foreign CGI videos: "Internet Turns on Justin Bieber" dramatizes 4chan and Justin Bieber's syphilis rumor. It also shows baby Bieber clinging to a suspiciously phallic microphone.

Last time we encountered Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese animation firm was bringing Al Gore's crazed sexy poodle massage to life. (Before that, there was the Tiger Woods' affair video, as you may recall.) Now, NMA's attention turns to "Internet Turns on Justin Bieber":

The video begins with the genesis of Bieber: an ultrasound of a fetus clutching a— um— microphone?

Then, evil internet messageboard 4chan begins its vicious war of pranks. Bieber runs to an STD clinic to check if he has syphilis. Bieber gets sent to North Korea. Bieber checks out an issue of MILF magazine (?!) and finds a sexy picture of his mom.

Basically, my job just got outsourced to Taiwanese animators. [Buzzfeed]