College presidents should be distant, stodgy figures who sit high atop an ivory tower, raising money. Instead, according to an alarming new (true?) Washington Post trend story, they all want to be college kids' "friends." It's already gone too far.

Discipline. Stuffiness. Honor. Fear-instillment. All qualities that are missing in today's weak-kneed "friendly" college presidents, who seek to develop "cred" with the "kids." Why? We imagine in order to get "laid by college students," although this point is left unclear. The WaPo reports that some college presidents are participating in snowball fights with students; others are deejaying parties, or playing intramural sports, or typing on The Twitter. And then there's that one who takes things too far:

Shenandoah University President Tracy Fitzsimmons allowed nursing students to watch the birth of her twins.

You don't have to show people your vagina to get them to like you, Tracy. You're supposed to learn that in college.

[WP. Pic: Shutterstock]