The Russian spy story continues: A mid-twenties software tester at Microsoft, Alexey Karetnikov, has been deported on immigration charges and is said to be the 12th member of the spy ring. Last chance for reporters to overuse Cold War clichés!

The Washington Post confirmed through a Microsoft spokesman that Karetnikov had worked at the company for nine months. A law enforcement source told the paper that "he was just in the early stages; had just set up shop," and that he had "obtained absolutely no information." Karetnikov was deported to Russia yesterday, and perhaps will join his comrades in the Russian intelligence debriefing in Moscow. It's almost over!

But probably not. So, "the story ripped straight from the pages of a Cold War spy thriller" is coming to a close and and reporters can quit bombarding us with "gripping" tales of Russians "living among us" in the suburbs and buying groceries and mowing the lawn and planting hydrangeas, right? Not quite. The super hot one is trying to sell her sexy story to a British tabloid and it will start all over again soon enough. Ugh.