"Flushers" from Thames Water are trying to clear out an estimated 1,000 tons of cooking fat from sewers beneath London's Leicester Square, thanks to local restaurants committing "sewer abuse" — dumping anything other than water, feces or toilet paper.

The next two weeks are going to be taxing for the flushers of Thames Water, who already have one of the worst jobs of all time. Before heading down below the streets to shovel out piles of fat, they need to put on respirators. It's not only the smell of human shit they need to worry about, it's the fumes put off from the oil used to prepare "the worst food in Europe." And after the fat is shoveled and scraped, it needs to be broken down with power washers. One flusher, Danny Brackley, wants to remind people that being a lazy arsewipe can mean that a whole lot of bad karma is coming your way:

Just because you can put things down your sink or loo doesn't necessarily mean you should. In some cases it can literally come back to haunt you or a neighbour — in the form of sewage backing up in your drain and flooding your home or garden."

And Brackley has one last reminder for the citizens of London: "If it's not water, toilet tissue or poo, please, bin it — don't block it."

[Images via Thames Water]