When border police arrested 29 year-old Eugene Todie at the Canadian border, they found he was wearing one of those court-ordered ankle GPS ankle bracelets. But Todie had an excellent excuse: It was a show of support for Lindsay Lohan.

According to the AP, Buffalo, NY resident Todie is on probation for criminal contempt and was not allowed to leave the country. Police arrested him at the Canadian border when he was trying to re-enter the country on someone else's passport. When border police asked him about his ankle bracelet:

Officers said Todie told them a probation officer friend gave him the bracelet to wear for Lohan, who's had to wear an alcohol ankle monitor.

Police did not buy it, of course, and Todie had to appear in court yesterday for violating his parole, where he presumably showed up with bleached blond hair and had "fuck you" painted on his finger nails.