This tattooed, horned fellow is named Jesse Thornhill. He was recently arrested for attempting to run down his landlord. In a 1996 Ford Windstar minivan. Naturally, we have some questions for Mr. Thornhill. Such as:

  • A 1996 Ford Windstar?
  • Really?
  • Was there really no more amicable way to settle your dispute?
  • Did you think you could escape unidentified?
  • How long did it take to put together a lineup?
  • I mean, couldn't hire a mediator, or something?
  • Your face...? That's the whole question.
  • Seriously, though. A Windstar?

Thornhill, for what it's worth, has bonded out of jail after being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. (The weapon is his Windstar.) His mother has said that she, and Thornhill's landlord, "had been having problems with her son."