A Utah woman is going to give birth to two children, possibly a week apart, because she has two buns growing in her separate ovens. Yes, Angie Cromar has two uteruses, and both of them are knocked up.

At her first ultrasound, Cromar learned that she wasn't having twins, but she has two separate birthing organs and that both have a fertilized egg in them. And they weren't conceived at the same time. "(The doctor) said I'm five weeks and four days in one, and six weeks and one day in the other," she says. The doctor also says there are fewer than 100 incidents of a woman being double pregnant reported worldwide. Because a story like this wouldn't be fun without any ironies, guess what Cromar does for a living? She's a labor and delivery nurse! We bet the sitcom based on her life will be called Two Perfect.

[Image via Tan4IKK/Shutterstock]