We've heard Mel Gibson tell Oksana Grigorieva she "deserved" getting punched. Now, a fight about his daughter: "You hit me and you hit her, while she was in my hands." Mel's response: "You need a fucking kick up the ass."

So, we'll take that as a "neither confirmed nor denied," Mel?

[Warning: The recording contains lots of profanity, so turn down your speakers or put your headphones on. Or don't listen.]

[There was a video here]

As lawyers fight over whether Gibson's phone recordings are admissible in court, a new one emerges in which Grigorieva cries, "You hit me and you hit her [daughter Lucia], while she was in my hands." Gibson doesn't affirm the accusation, but he does tell Grigorieva "no one will believe you," and explains what she must do to get back in his good graces:

You need a fucking kick up the ass for being a bitch, cunt, golddigging whore with a pussy son. And I want my child, and no one will believe you! So fuck you, and I'm not giving you my house, and you can rot, unless you crawl back, suck my cock, and say you're sorry, in that order. Do you understand me? You fucking offend my fucking maleness, my masculinity, my soul.

If the child abuse accusation refers to the fight where Gibson allegedly broke Grigorieva's teeth—which the pair fought about in a different recording—then the accusation that Gibson also hit his daughter during it is new. [Radar]


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