This is a video made by The Onion in 2007, showing a congressman—played by an actor—read out a largely classified bill about a zombie invasion. Recently, it's been making the rounds on Facebook—but not as a satire.

It's hard to tell where the video first emerged as a documentation of 33rd-degree Mason-President Obama's plans to block off our third eyes and instate martial law, but the title links it to this Twitter account, which is composed mostly of links to conspiracy-fermenting videos and pithy quotes (many of them self-attributed).

The account hosting the video, Truthzonetvcom, ("Interests: Trying to save the world. lol") is evasive about whether it's presenting the video as fact or fiction: "If you are already conditioned to view this as entertainment or enter-tam-Mind [ed. WTF] then you will miss the message... So be my guess and ridicule me and the rest of us trying to show you the truth. Just remember...It's your negative response they want." You know what, Truthzonetvcom? We will be your guess.

In any event, it doesn't matter if Truthzonetvcom thinks of the video as reality or as "enter-tam-MIND" [ed. No, really, WTF], since the video was taken seriously by enough people that its circulation was picked up and written about on Urlesque and Reddit, which has a nice roundup of public Facebook postings.

To be sure, it's unclear the extent to which the video was ever regarded as a real thing since our only gauge is Facebook statuses, many of which are private. (Arguably, even a few dozen people being fooled by this video is depressing.) And, who knows, maybe us fancy internet people are being snowed by a bunch of super-trolls (reptoids?) pretending to take it seriously.

But as a record of the way the internet streamlines and speeds up distribution for totally out-there ideas—not to mention the ease with which it allows for the de- and re-contextualization of documents like YouTube videos—it's pretty fascinating. And besides, who can say no to an opportunity to feel smugly superior to people who aren't in on your cool joke?