Do you like to fuck, but hate being forced to say one word to your prospective sex partner up until the very moment of copulation? You live in the right decade, buddy. Modern dating is retreating even deeper into sullenness.

Instead of posting a Missed Connection on Craigslist when you see someone you totally want to bone but do not want to talk to, now you can sign up for a service like "Cheek'd" where you pay a monthly fee and they give you cards with cheeky little sexy slogans and a code on them and you simply run up to your object of desire and force this card upon them like a crazy person, then run away. Then when they get over their shock they simply go home and enter the website and code on the card and are then directed to a web page featuring information about you, the bizarre and unhinged stranger who only hours earlier made them accept this strange card. Although you could have spoken to them then, why would you do a crazy thing like that when you could pay money to a third party to design a card that would direct them to a website containing information about you, so that you do not have to speak that information with your fragile vocal chords? It just makes sense. Then later on presumably the two of you will have sex, having never heard each other's voices, outside perhaps of guttural moans during lovemaking. Afterwards you can go your separate ways, them with a story of a time they fucked that total stranger from the internet, and you to go pass more of your dating cards around and then run off before hopefully reconnoitering with that person at a later date, in bed.

Things are easier now.