Today at Gawker.TV, Michael Cera talks about almost dying, Shaq gets dusted by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. while racing, a woman freaks out when a waitress flirts with her boyfriend, The Big C, previewed, and why Louie is better than Seinfeld.

A Candid Michael Cera Opens Up About His Near Death Experience
Michael Cera went on Letterman to promote his new movie, but before doing so he spoke vividly about his trip to Denver that nearly cost him his life. Never climb mountains at night kids. NOT COOL!

Shaq Takes on Dale Jr, Gets Dusted
Shaq is back to take on the greatest athletes in the world, whether it be in an athletic competition or not. This week, Shaq Diesel decided to test himself on a Nascar track against the legendary Dale Earnhardt, Jr. He did not fare well.

What Would You Do If A Waitress Was Flirting With Your Man?
From "bum bashers" to flirtatious waiters, What Would You Do? (not the awesome Nickelodeon show from the '90s) is trying the patience of everyday people. Here, they tested the temper of this woman as her boyfriend is constantly hit on by their waitress. She was not happy.

The Big C Series Premiere: What's Eating Cathy Jamison?
We were lucky to get an advance copy of Showtime's The Big C, and we're happy to report that the network continues to ride its hot streak of great shows with its newest one, offering up up big-time laughs, strong performances, and a whole lot of heart.

Louie: Life Isn't Funny, But Comedy Is
Last night's episode of Louie highlighted exactly what makes it such a genius show, and also what differentiates it from Seinfeld. Whereas Seinfeld was a show about how life's little things created Jerry's comedy, Louie takes life's pain and makes it all into something hilarious.