The world of movie bloggers is a tight-knit one, where a small group of powerful men compete to slobber over the cock of the latest fantasy-themed Hollywood blockbuster. But now, movie bloggers have turned against one of their own. Amusingly!

The facts of the case, according to The Wrap: Universal Studios invited a select group of supercool movie bloggers to a top secret screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World at Comic-Con. Alex Billington, founder of, didn't get invited. So he allegedly went to Universal and threatened to expose their "plans for the private screening some 36 hours in advance — unless he was allowed inside."

And he got a ticket! Good for him. Way to leverage those motherfuckers.

But in response, 20 of his movie blog colleagues (including Ain't It Cool News and have written a strongly-worded letter to the studio asking them to sever their ties to Billington, and saying, hilariously, "There is no other way to impress upon him that professional adults do not blackmail one another to get what they want."

Now, your opinion on this matter will be greatly affected by whether you consider movie bloggers at places like Ain't It Cool News to be professional journalists, or professional fanboys. If they were journalists, then yes, this might be an issue to be concerned about (although not very much). But considering the fact that they are, in fact, fanboys who write blogs, generally speaking, we must ask: why the fuss? Clearly, Billington is not under any professional obligation to keep secret a screening to which he was not invited—he didn't agree to any embargo of the fact of its existence. Also, he must not have had much of a "professional" relationship with the studio to begin with, or they would have given him a ticket. What we see is a dude who really wanted to go to that free screening, and found a way to do it. Role model.

Stop munching the studio's cock so hard, movie bloggers!

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