What better time to get married than when you're standing in front of a judge, handcuffed and in a jumpsuit, for a motions hearing on crack charges? That's what Franklin Barndt did on Friday when he married girlfriend Takesha Piazza.

Franklin Barndt was arrested in December after police found 20 grams of crack in his apartment in Northampton County, Pennsylvania and he is charged with intent to distribute. So when he went before Judge Leonard Zito on Friday for a motions hearing in the case, he had his defense attorney, Gary Asteak arrange a quick wedding. "Love can't wait. Love is immediate and demanding," Asteak told The Express Times.

The motions hearing was handled first, then Judge Zito performed the nuptials. Nasty old Assistant District Attorney Michele Kluk didn't want the couple to seal their vows with a kiss, but the pair did "despite my objection." The bride told the paper she can't wait for Barndt to get out of jail so they can go on a honeymoon, and "I am extremely happy. It turned out to be the best day of my life. I can't wait for him to come home." With Barndt awaiting trial on crack distribution charges, she'll probably be waiting for a long time. Congrats you two!

[Image courtesy of the lovely couple, via The Express Times]