Today at Gawker.TV, the Kids in the Hall warn us of the dangers of child pageantry, Jason Bateman talks about the time he kissed Dustin Hoffman, and a Today Show anchor reports the weather while stuck inside of an elevator.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell and Actress Mia Farrow Testify in War Crimes Trial
Former Liberian President Charles Taylor is charged with involvement in the blood diamond trade. Mia Farrow's statement that Campbell was "quite excited" about the diamonds Taylor gifted her contradicts Naomi Campbell's previous statement that she didn't know what the "dirty-looking stones" were.

Jason Bateman Talks About Kissing Dustin Hoffman, Playing a Stripper
On this morning's Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos made Jason Bateman to answer some tough questions. Not about the possible Arrested Development movie, but about his June make-out session with Dustin Hoffman during the NBA finals.

The Kids in the Hall Appear on The Soup as Aging Beauty Pageant Contestants
Friday's Soup was an all-around impeccable episode, but the icing on its cake came in the form of Canada's favorite sons in the high fashion of a tiara-wearing toddler. Enjoy some fresh brain candy and jabs about Lady Gaga, inside.

Today Show Weather Woman Gives Forecast While Stuck in Elevator
This morning on Today, Stephanie Abrams was unable to do the weather forecast in person because she was stuck in an elevator across the street at 30 Rock. Did she freak out? Nah, she just did her job anyway. Badass!

This Woman Is Very Excited to See Her Sister Be Arrested on Camera
County Law is a COPS-like show, filmed and broadcast in Montgomery, Alabama. In this video, policemen are in the middle of arresting a woman when her sister sees the cameras. Let's just say that she gets a tad bit excited.