Everyone thinks that fast food joints and chain restaurants in New York must be disgusting while five-star eateries are as spotless as their white tablecloths. New York City's Department of Healthy has found the exact opposite to be true.

The Health Department is now giving the city's eateries letter grades based on cleanliness, as you may have heard. Of the 443 restaurants that have been visited by inspectors so far only 16 percent have gotten an A. So which ones have earned the prestigious grade? A McDonald's on 6th Avenue, a White Castle on 103rd Street, and a Popeye's in Flushing. The T.G.I. Friday's near Penn Station had zero infractions. They should get a piece of flair celebrating such a commendation.

All the nasty places are the ones you think would be shiny and beautiful. Jean Georges had 15 violations, the Four Seasons had 17, Balthazar had 18, The Palm had 20, and the SoHo Grand Hotel had 25. That's right, you just paid big money to eat in a dump when you could have just had a nice clean Big Mac for, like, $2. Sucker.

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