Here's a new trailer for The Romantics, a novel-based twindie about a group of friends feeling cobwebby feelings at a sad, frenzied, cluttered Northeast wedding. It's sure to be Katie Holmes' Rachel Getting Married, except without the praise or accolades.

Because oh yawn, doesn't it look silly? That cast — smug smirker (but adorably so, sigh) Adam Brody, thin piece of meatloaf with only a few currents of electricity occasionally pulsing through him Josh Duhamel, blond ambitioner Malin Akerman, the Anna Paquin, others — just seems so pleased with itself that they're doing their very own rambling, shaky-cam meditation on the melancholy noises and wistful quiets of being sad and upper middle class. And it's at a wedding! Just like Rachel Getting Married and Margot at the Wedding. And that little xylophone twiddle music in the trailer! It's all so practiced and silly you almost feel bad for them. They're trying so very hard, aren't they.