11-year-old movie critic Jackson visited The Early Show recently to review summer films. While Jackson liked Ramona and Beezus (and "favorite" Toy Story 3) and loved Salt, he hated Inception for being "confusing." Uh, you're 11? The insufferable video, inside.

[There was a video here]

URDB's Lindsey Weber summed things up brilliantly on her Tumblr, which is where I came across this video (though part of me wishes I hadn't):

This is the opposite of a cute baby video. This'll make your ovaries (or your testicles) shrivel up & disappear. I literally want to invent a Time Machine so I can go back in time to before LIGHTS CAMERA JACKSON was born and convince his parents not to procreate.

That's a wrap!

[YouTube via Weber's Tumblr]

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